The beauty of your flooring is equally as important as the lifespan of the wood it’s made of.

In many cases it can be difficult to maintain a flooring that looks fresh, clean, and like new. In order to keep a flooring in good condition you must engage in some type of improvement project.

While some improvement projects are not as complicated (like floor cleaning and maintenance ), refinishing or restoring flooring in sharp contrast and installing and finishing a new floor is a far more demanding project. A flooring must not only endure everyday use, but must stand up to traffic, dirt, moisture and of course sunlight. All of these things combined can quickly take their toll on even the most upscale of flooring. Once the elements and frequent usage have taken their toll on the surface, it can actually begin to make it look dull and even unkempt.

Many owners often wonder what type of flooring can be restored and/or refinished

All types of hardwood flooring, as well and engineered flooring can support these works.

If there’s scuffing, scratches or visible wear, your floor may benefit from our Restoring/Refinishing services. When it comes to restoring/refurbishing flooring professionals take a different approach. Some times damaged or worn-out flooring doesn’t need to be completely removed which means it can undergo refurbishing instead, especially for antique or traditional floors.

You also have the opportunity to change the finish in a shade darker or lighter, oiled or any colour that can complement your space.


Using a combination of the best machines in the world “ LAGLER” and the best and highest quality stains and sealants “ BONA” , with careful attention for detail and your needs SUMA Flooring will consider every situation on an individual basis.


We will evaluate your residential or commercial space and provide you with an accurate and competitive quote for your flooring project.